Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY Wednsday!!

DIY madnesss!!!

I'm a huge fan of DIY's, so here comes a little inspirations for those who are obsessed with crafts, and doing things yourself! +

For jewelry storage!

Cut in half and make more space

old t-shirt into major bracelets and collars

more storage... really cute

shoes DIY

Bathroom storage, cheap!

Coffe beans... spray paint and make it glam!

a little less glam but very practical

beautiful, love love love this!

will do this asap!!

nice outdoor party coasters

for my vogues

outdoor party lights

fast, fast, faster... to do!

xmas glitter candles

magnet strip for hair pins and other hair stuff!!

little storage...

so cool!!

xmas diys, yes just two months left... get started on it!


spray paint and walk on the beach, nice combo!

love these candles!


Hope you guys loved it as much as I did!!



  1. your DIY post is pretty amazing... would be cool to have also the links to how to do it yourself... use of materials and stuff like that

  2. Loved them. I got some really cool inspirations from them.
    Strut Mode